Green Transition

Addressing the climate challenge requires sector-specific solutions. To achieve the 2/1.5°C limit, the low-carbon transformation of the energy sector is particularly important. This in turn requires effective policies which allow for the widespread application, investment and use of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures. Although the transition to clean…
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Climate Change

Nordic Horizon Institute AB supports research and implementation of action against climate change around the globe. We generate and share knowledge on international climate negotiations, tracking climate action, climate and development, climate finance and carbon market mechanisms. We connect up-to-date research with the real world decision making processes, making it…
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Digital Transformation

ICT & Digital Transformation Digital transformation requires a shift away from traditional thinking and toward a more collaborative, experimental approach. These new ways reveal new solutions which, in turn, can drive innovation and spur growth at the fundamental level. Digital Transformation Your intelligent database of digital startups 1 Startups 1…
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