Who We Are

Nordic Horizon Institute AB is a world-leading centre for Research and Innovation on Climate Change, ICT & Digital Transformation, Green Transition, Environmental Sustainability and Building capacity and supporting SMEs in their transition to sustainability. Our highly ambitious, collaborative, multidisciplinary community of researchers possess a common goal of tackling the biggest challenges of our time.

Nordic Horizon Institute AB is committed to innovation from within, by participating and working on research supported by the European Commission. Our areas of expertise include: Green Transition & Energy Access, Digital Transformation, Digital Transformation, SMEs and Climate Change.

Nordic Horizon Institute AB focuses on research and innovation projects spanning from research and innovation to deployment. We bring together key actors (research, education and business) together around a common goal for nurturing innovation in areas of Green transition, Digital transformation, Climate Change, SMEs and Environmental Sustainability.

We support research and implementation of action against climate change around the globe. We generate and share knowledge on international climate negotiations, tracking climate action, climate and development, climate finance and carbon market mechanisms. We connect up-to-date research with the real world decision making processes, making it possible to increase ambition in acting against climate change and contribute to finding sustainable and equitable solutions.

Our Approach

We are committed to delivering high quality results and workable solutions to the public and decision makers. We apply research-oriented, robust approaches, responding to on-the-ground realities.


Nordic Horizon Institute Ab has established a world-leading reputation for research on various fields, with a focus on climate change, Green Transition, SMEs and Digital Transformation.

Our Work

Promote a close collaboration among all the actors (private or public companies, academic and research centers) at local, national and European level with the aim of identifying guidelines for effective research solutions.