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Nordic Horizon Institute AB is committed to innovation from within, by participating and working on research supported by the European Commission. Our areas of expertise include: Green Transition & Energy Access, Digital Transformation, Digital Transformation, SMEs and Climate Change.

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About Us

Nordic Horizon Institute AB focuses on research and innovation projects spanning from research and innovation to deployment. We bring together key actors (research, education and business) together around a common goal for nurturing innovation in areas of Green transition, Digital transformation, Climate Change, SMEs and Environmental Sustainability.

We support research and implementation of action against climate change around the globe. We generate and share knowledge on international climate negotiations, tracking climate action, climate and development, climate finance and carbon market mechanisms. We connect up-to-date research with the real world decision making processes, making it possible to increase ambition in acting against climate change and contribute to finding sustainable and equitable solutions.

Our Mission

We aim to:

  • Promote Innovation in Europe
  • Promoting Entrepreneurial Culture
  • Supports and nurtures a research environment that is defined by a culture of integrity, good governance and best practice.
  • Connecting with regional and national innovation actors

Completed Projects


Startups Supported


EU Partners


AU Partners


  • ICT

    We create tools needed in order for people to be able to learn and acquire new skills and competencies in ICT.

  • Innovation

    Taking into consideration the needs of the market and the society, Nordic Horizon Institute AB orients its activities towards innovation, targeting to countable results and impact.

  • SMEs

    We have implemented more than30 European projects focusing on the growth of SMEs, on a national and European level. We have developed methodologies and processes aiming to boost the business skills of the workforce and the managers.

  • Gender Equality

    We implemented several projects, developing activities that support the EU’s Gender Equality agenda.

  • Social Inclusion

    We are proud to have taken part in EU projects that promote social inclusion and connect it with entrepreneurship. Vulnerable groups such as refugees, immigrants and people with disabilities are supported through activities that integrate them into society.

  • Digital Transformation

    We try to educate people and companies in the digital mentality, technology platforms and tools, providing them with the skills for the future. We connect corporations, startups and young talent in an ecosystem of entrepreneurship with the main pillar the digital feature.

  • Green Transition

    Our research improves awareness and dissemination of knowledge on the impact of climate change on human health, communities and the environment. The scientific information we compile can be used by communities to effectively and sustainably manage the impacts from a quickly changing world.

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